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My experience with Meta Ads…

I have used Meta Ads off and on during the 18 months I've had Golden Brands and there is a few key things that I've learnt during this time that have made a big difference.

I remember the days when running Facebook Ads for as little as $1 a day could yield results – ah, those were the days! Now, Instagram Ads have joined the scene, and the landscape has changed significantly.

Now it’s going to be difficult to see results if you’re not spending closer to $1000 a month.

I have used Meta Ads off and on during the 18 months I’ve had Golden Brands and there is a few key things that I’ve learnt during this time that have made a big difference.

Firstly, running ads to a cold audience to promote your offering and thinking they will buy is often a waste of time. It’s rare for people to buy from a brand they’re encountering for the first time. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but they are few, especially for service-based businesses.

What has worked best for us is to use Ads to get new leads for Golden Brands by offering a freebie and getting them to sign up to our email list. Then we can nurture them through our email sequences. When we do go to open up doors to the membership these leads are now far more likely to buy from us.

At the end of last year I was about to give up on our Meta Ads together. ur cost per lead had risen to nearly $5, which was quite concerning. But after a few quick tweaks (thanks to training Kady from Kady Creative did inside the membership) – I was able to get the cost per lead back under $2. So now I know $10 a day on ads is going to get me approximately 5 new leads – which I think is pretty good in the scheme of things!

I also just yesterday started running some simple ads to our Brisbane Conference – within 20minutes of the ads going live I had 2 new ticket sales (which equates to $800). This really shows the power of ads and just how powerful they can be when done right.

Since I’ve started Golden Brands I’ve spent $3,308 on ads and in return I’ve seen 1500 new website leads. As over 90% of our sales come from our email list – this has been an extremely effective marketing avenue for us.

While I’m definitely no expert with ads I do continually try to test new creatives and audiences and I do review what’s working well and what isn’t.

If you’re part of the Golden Brands membership, I strongly recommend tuning into this month’s Meta Ads Masterclass for more invaluable insights like these. The strategy that Kady shares is exactly how I set up my ads and her tips have really helped me to optimise my ads for success.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with ads for your business. How have they worked for you? Feel free to share your stories or ask questions – just pop me a DM on Instagram.

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