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Join us to build and grow a business you love by mastering business planning & operations, marketing, branding, and money, alongside your empowered mindset. All within a collaborative community of online entrepreneurs who understand and support your business journey.

The Golden Brands Collective

The Golden Brands membership is the only way to gain access to our exclusive community, business education, coaching, and resources – designed to support you as you turn your business vision into your empowered reality.


New Monthly Masterclasses covering key topics across our five core business pillars for success: Business Foundations, Mindset, Marketing, Money, and Operations.


Exclusive access every month to our live expert guest speaker and Q&A sessions.

Business Templates

Instant access to a growing library of business templates (budgets, business plan, client onboarding documents, social media planners etc.). You name it, we will most likely have it in the library!

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials to guide you through our favourite systems and marketing tools.

Event Tickets

First dibs on in-person event tickets (happening across New Zealand & Brisbane in 2023/2024).

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Invitation to join our online private FB Group community. The place to network, collaborate and promote your business.


Discounts and incredible offerings from our directory vendors and affiliates to help support you in your business.

Pop up challenges & Workbooks

Pop up challenges & workbooks to help you take consistent action in your business

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Golden Brands Lisa Macale sitting on sofa - Empowering online entrepreneurs to reach their own authentic version of business success

Hi, I'm Lisa, the founder of Golden Brands

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 when I decided to ditch my corporate career in Human Resources to start a Wedding Planning & Styling Business – despite nearly everyone telling me it was a bad idea! Since 2012 I have started and grown 4 different businesses including Golden Brands. With every business I’ve worked incredible hard to achieve success and along the way I have ticked off many goals I never thought would be possible for me including working with amazing clients on dream projects.


It hasn’t all been smooth sailing and I’ve certainly had my fair share of challenges and obstacles. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

The most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I have been where you are:

  • Experiencing imposter syndrome
  • Constantly doubting myself
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Struggling to find a balance between my business and family

And feeling as though I’m adrift – without a community to support and guide me or a team to keep me accountable. Navigating my way through these feelings and experiences over the course of launching, growing and even selling businesses, is what gave me the drive to launch Golden Brands.

Everything I’ve done so far has led me here – creating for you the platform I wish I’d had access to when I started my businesses. A space to learn, grow, connect and feel empowered.

I believe in your ability to succeed in your businesses and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing all I have learned to help you as you build a business defined by your own authentic version of success.

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Get Your Business Plan for Success Template

Download our simplified, beautifully designed Business Plan Template to start planning your authentic business journey.

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Tune in to the Podcast

A Golden Success Podcast

Welcome to our podcast, where we share raw, real, and honest accounts of crafting an authentically successful business. 

Join me weekly as we dive into insightful business topics. From marketing strategies to creating a growth mindest, we cover the essentials that empower you to take consistent, imperfect action.

Our goal? To move the needle forward in your business and help you create your golden success story.

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Are you feeling like your prices might be a bit off lately? You’re not alone. Pricing isn’t just about covering costs or making a profit; it’s about signaling your value and fitting into your market in a way that feels right.

Golden Brands Journey

My experience with Meta Ads…

I have used Meta Ads off and on during the 18 months I’ve had Golden Brands and there is a few key things that I’ve learnt during this time that have made a big difference.

Free Training

When should I start paying myself in Business?

Hands up if you are a small business owner who really doesn’t enjoy the accounting side of running your business? 🙋 Managing finances is a critical aspect of running a successful business, and two key elements of this are determining when and how much to actually pay yourself, and knowing when to reinvest in your business.

Free Training

Making your first $100k in business!

Let’s talk about a big goal that many of us have on our entrepreneurial journey – hitting that first $100k in business. It sounds like a dream, right? But it’s more achievable than you might think. I’m going to share some real talk about what it takes to get there. No fluff, just straight-up actionable advice.