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The home office just got a little less lonely

Connect and belong with our cosy business membership for ambitious small business owners

You never realised running a business could feel so isolating.

Staring at a screen for hours a day, commenting on business accounts with owners you’ve never met, feeling like every other brand is smashing it except you.

It’s lonely.

And there’s only so much pretending your partner can do on date night when you launch into the marketing chats. 

What You Need is the Solopreneur Life, Version 2.0

Aka Golden Brands

→  Same you
→  Same computer
→  Same business

Except this time, you’re doing it with…

…a cosy community of business owners at your fingertips who get you, your business goals and how to hold you accountable. 

A space where you can:

“Some days as a self-employed creative just feel hard. But since joining the Golden Brands membership, I’ve not only gained a group of mini cheerleaders, but the abundance of GB masterclasses and business resources has provided me with a pool of endless inspiration and business guidance. On the tricky days, I’ve found jumping on the portal and watching a masterclass or two have quickly pulled me out of the ‘this is all too hard’ slump. The Golden Brands community should be in every small business owners toolkit.”

Lara, Fable & Foster

Hi, I’m Lisa.

Founder of Golden Brands Collective, mum to 2 small children, wife to one husband, obsessed with anything beige (art, clothes, cushions, books…brands 😮)

and someone with three successful businesses under my belt. 

But despite reaching six figures in my last business, it wasn’t all champagne, confetti and the heart-feels I imagined it’d be.

And that’s because I often felt lost. 

I was alone, without any sense of belonging, and trying to navigate the highs, lows and major decisions of business by myself. 

And that was pre 2020. 

Over the past few years I’ve noticed the shift: business owners are more disconnected than ever.

Zoning out watching our screens, commenting on random business IG posts of people we’ve never met, and hoping for a connection that’s more meaningful than Kevin632 sliding into our DMs with “Hey sweetie…”

Not that desperate, Kevin632. 

So when I sold my last business, I knew this was the gap I needed to fill in people’s lives. 

People like me.

The kinda space I wished I had the last few years: to connect, learn, grow and have a team of cheerleaders to hold me accountable and make sure I keep showing up.

So, yes there’s a kickass community…

But (WAIT!) there’s more…(and it’s not a plastic back scratcher, ab machine or miracle juice diet).

It’s access to some of the best business leaders in New Zealand and Australia, voice chat group support from me, exclusive access to private groups and networking events.

Annnnnd the opportunity to network, build collaborations and get new leads like your biz depends on it.

Here’s what’s inside:


Monthly Masterclasses covering key topics across our five core business pillars for success: Business Foundations, Mindset, Marketing, Money, and Operations.


Exclusive access every month to our live expert guest speaker, group coaching and Q&A zoom sessions.

Business Templates

Instant access to a growing library of business templates (budgets, business plan, services and pricing guide, client onboarding document, social media planners plus more!)

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials to guide you through our favourite systems and marketing tools (including FB and Google Ads).

Networking Events

First dibs and members discounts for our on in-person event tickets!


Discounts and incredible offerings from our directory vendors and affiliates to help support you in your business.

Private Group

Invitation to join our online private FB Group community. The place to network, collaborate and promote your business.

1:1 Business Support

Access to me through the Voxer app every month! And my 11 years of experience in business.

Take a peek at some of our Masterclasses..

Updated on the 1st of every month

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Join The Waitlist

Sign up to our VIP Waitlist below to get early access and exclusive bonuses for when doors to the membership next open.

*When you sign up for our waitlist you’ll receive our weekly emails with business tips, stories and inspiration. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

“Golden Brands has exceeded my expectations with insightful tips and tricks shared monthly by other professionals…I really enjoy the feeling of community offered on the Facebook group page. I’m also a fan of self-development and I want to make more time for this in my business this year. I believe Golden Brands will help with this.”

Laura, Director at Little Bird Creative, and website designer

But is this just another thing to add to the overwhelm? 

Because I get it.

As mum to two small boys, the mental load is real

Juggling school drop-offs, Zoom meetings with mess pushed to one side, and the 4123 emails waiting to be deleted from accounts I can’t remember signing up to.

Here’s the thing:

Golden Brands isn’t a thing to do, it’s a place to belong, get supported and grow.

Learn with familiar faces

Get a sounding board for new ideas

Be coached in a group setting

Network your way to new leads

Work through niggly imposter syndrome

Because the best part about this kind of membership? You’re gonna learn things you never knew you needed.  When you get to drive to the grocery store for some alone time (you can take the long route, shhhh), you won’t be scrambling to find the perfect podcast to make use of the time.

You’ll be plugged into

Business Experts Like

Jess Ruhfus from Collabosaurus

On how she grew her collaboration biz to over 10,000 members and how simple collaboration ideas can drive revenue growth of 17% and above for your small biz (no ad spend, THANKS)

Rebekah Ballagh from Journey to Wellness

On how mindfulness can change your life, how she accidentally grew her Instagram to 380k followers, and her road to becoming a bestselling author.

Sarah Arnold-Hall

On how she helps everyone from olympians to ambitious business owners reach impossible goals, and her journey to creating a multiple six figure business while reaching some very impressive goals herself (like getting her podcast into the top 10% most followed globally!).

And you’ll gain transformative skills you never would’ve forced yourself to learn…

Like how to set up business systems with analyst Heidi Seal (‘cos I know you’re not punching ‘systems’ into Spotify), or how to create a vision board for success, or how to automate your way to an easier work-life balance.

No overwhelm, no extra to-dos, just resources, community and voice chat support on-tap whenever you need it.

And of course, our networking chit-chats and group coaching sessions available for when you need to connect.

“Lisa has created such an encouraging and safe community. I wish Golden Brands was around when I first launched my business! The masterclasses are incredibly insightful, and I love the holistic approach.”

Jasmine Kroeze

Golden Brands Business Networking Event Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Did I Mention There Are Grazing Platters?

As part of my mission to bring business owners together, Golden Brands hosts Networking events. A chance to mingle, connect, eat way too many olives and expand your network. 

With exclusive discounts for Golden Brands members, you’ll finally get the chance to hug, squeeze and face-stroke those members you’ve been connecting with in our online events. 

Meet your

Guest Speakers

Gabby Kirk

Director + Founder of Papier HQ and Silki The Label

Evelyn Kelly

Life + Business Coach


Director of Foundd Legal. Lawyer of 20 years+ Ecommerce entrepreneur

Stevie dillon

Business Coach & Founder of Lifestyle Business School

Kiah Worling

Systems + Automations Expert

Clare Wood

Money Mentor, Coach & Author

Monique Lombardo

Founder of The Socialista + two 7 figure businesses teaching others how to slay Instagram

Jo Chunyan

Conscious Brand Designer, Business Mentor & Award Wining Author

Ellen Mackenzie

Social Media Coach, Strategist and Author. Founder of Dishing Up Digital

Carinda Gosling

Digital Product + Online Business Coach at This is Co.

Brittany Worthington

Social Media Manager, Instagram Coach & Founder of The Social Britify

Sarah Arnold-Hall

Business Coach & Founder of Action Academy

Take aLook Inside

We know how to help creatives + service-based small biz owners take action to create authentic success

Here’s what you can expect from The Golden Brands Collective:

“The monthly sub definitely made it accessible and an easy way to almost “try” it out and not have to commit a whole year if it didn’t work or wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Now I know what incredible value this is and it’s exactly what I need!”

Sophie, Tamiko Studio


Golden Brands has been specifically designed for creatives + service led online small businesses. The majority of our members are in the first 3 years of business. We have an incredible group of members from interior designers, social media managers, copywriters, photographers, website designers, make up artists, business coaches, wellness professionals and more. 

Golden Brands is not suitable for those in the brick and mortar space with no online presence or those that are already earning multiple 6 figure profits with a large team. 

We understand that waiting can be frustrating! Golden Brands has three scheduled door opening periods throughout 2024. However, if you join our waitlist now, you’ll priority access before anyone else.

All of our content is based around our five core business pillars for success: Business Foundations, Mindset, Marketing, Money and Operations. Inside the membership you will have access to monthly masterclasses, video tutorials, guest speakers, Q&A sessions, business templates and workbooks. We will continue to update the platform every month with fresh new content.

What truly differentiates us is our commitment to personalised support, collaboration and an inclusive and transparent environment. We don’t gate keep anything! We’re here to empower you with the resources, insights, and connections you need for lasting success.

Everything we create is yours within the membership. If there is something you need for your business such as a template or tutorial you are able to request it (if there is other members who would also benefit for it we will create it for you).

You will be given your own unique login to the platform within our website to access all the content. We also have our Facebook Group community where you can ask questions, connect with other members and collaborate.

We completely understand where you’re coming from! A lot of our members are working Mums too, and we know all about the juggling act that comes with managing client work, business development, family life and all the things! 

That’s precisely why we’ve tailored the membership to  integrate into your hectic schedule (and actually help you reclaim some precious time!). 

All our live calls are recorded and available that same day (via video or audio file!),  so you can listen while out walking or doing the school run. You will only need to allocate 2-3 hours to work through all our core content every month! 

Our ready-to-use customisable business templates mean you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

And when it comes to solving your business problems, there’s no faster way than posting in our Facebook community or jumping on to our Voxer 1:1 support days.

For as long as you are a member. We don’t remove content unless it is no longer relevant or needs to be updated.

No.  All members receive instant access to all content. We won’t ever try to sell you extra courses, templates etc. We put everything into the membership! The only exception to this is our business directory listing. 

Absolutely! While a small amount of our content references New Zealand and Australian based resources, we welcome members from across the globe. Our membership is inclusive to everyone! Please note that prices shown are in New Zealand dollars – bonus for you if you live anywhere else in the world! 

Yes! Every month, I’ll set aside one day via the Voxer app where you can ask me your business questions, we can dive into your concerns, explore your offers, and tackle any roadblocks you might be facing. 

Whether you have specific questions you’re eager to ask or if you’re seeking my insights on various aspects of your business, this 1-1 Support Day is designed to give you the personalized support to move forward in business!

No sorry but you can cancel your membership at any time (although we hope you don’t!). If you cancel your membership you can choose to join again in the future however you will need to do this at the current rate and not the one you originally signed up at. If you stay within the membership your original sign up price will be locked in for life!

Yes absolutely – although we would hate to lose you!  The cancellation process is simple and easy to do inside the membership hub.

You can leave anytime and will retain access to the end of your billing period. 

We’re Dropping Fresh New Content Monthly

Each month members of the Golden Brands Collective will have the opportunity to develop their skills and expand their knowledge across one of our five core business pillars for success:

Business Foundations

A business defined by your own authentic version of business success is created mindfully and intentionally. We’ll help you to get the fundamentals right so your business has a strong foundation from which to grow.


Embracing challenges, overcoming your limiting beliefs, trusting in your vision, , being resilient, accepting feedback and not judging your own success against the success of others, are the essential building blocks of your growth mindset. You’ll learn to foster a healthy mindset in the Golden Brands Collective.


Become the master of your own marketing, create your strategy and learn to love the process of promoting your products and services to the right people using the digital marketing channels that best suit your business, and feel aligned with your authentic self.


Demystifying the financial side of your business so you can continue to grow and scale. From pricing, overcoming money blocks, and managing cash flow, to paying yourself and strategic growth, we’ll empower you to reach your financial goals.


Run your business, don't let it run you, by creating systems and processes that support the amazing work you’re doing. We’ll help you to create a back-end to your business with streamlined systems and processes.

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Lisa, the founder of Golden Brands

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 when I decided to ditch my corporate career in Human Resources to start a Wedding Planning & Styling Business – despite nearly everyone telling me it was a bad idea! Since 2012 I have started and grown 4 different businesses including Golden Brands. With every business I’ve worked incredible hard to achieve success and along the way I have ticked off many goals I never thought would be possible for me including working with amazing clients and on dream projects.


It hasn’t all been smooth sailing and I’ve certainly had my fair share of challenges and obstacles. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

The most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I have been where you are:

→  Experiencing imposter syndrome
→  Constantly doubting myself
→  Lacking in confidence
→  Struggling to find a balance between my business and family

And feeling as though I’m adrift – without a community to support and guide me or a team to keep me accountable. Navigating my way through these feelings and experiences over the course of launching, growing and even selling businesses, is what gave me the drive to launch Golden Brands.

Everything I’ve done so far has led me here – creating for you the platform I wish I’d had access to when I started my businesses. A space to learn, grow, connect and feel empowered.

I believe in your ability to succeed in your businesses and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing all I have learned to help you as you build a business defined by your own authentic version of success.

Here’s what you can expect

The Golden Brands Collective every single month:

Monthly Masterclass

New masterclasses based on our five core business pillars for success.

Live Q&A's

Member-only access to a live Q&A session with the best of the best expert guest experts.


Practical workbooks to keep you actioning your learnings.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials on our favourite systems and marketing tools.

Private Group

Access to our private facebook group, where you can network, collaborate and promote your business.


Need 1;1 support in your business?Once a month you will have the opportunity to chat with me directly through our voice memo chat!

Group coaching

Join us live every single month to be coached in a group setting by GB founder, Lisa Macale and the very talented Michelle from Half Light Studio.

Join The Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Golden Brands Collective membership. We’d love to have you as part of our community. Sign up to our VIP Waitlist below to get early access and exclusive bonuses for when doors to the membership next open.

*When you sign up for our waitlist you’ll receive our weekly emails with business tips, stories and inspiration. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

“The best investment you will make in your business”