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I can tell you from my experience (having started four different businesses) you don't have to be amazing at what you do, you just need to have the right mindset! 

 your MINDSET. 

Mindset is everything in business. I can tell you from my experience (having started four different businesses) you don’t have to be amazing at what you do, you just need to have the right mindset! 

Any of the above points resonate with you? I have certainly experienced all of these thoughts in business. 
I’ve had to make mindset work a priority to see success in past businesses and there are a few key things I’ve found incredibly helpful to keep moving that needle forward.
One thing that has truly made the biggest difference for me when it comes to limiting beliefs is to get support. Having other business owners to provide feedback, advice and recommendations can make the hugest impact. When it’s just you in your business you can get really caught up in your head. Questioning whether you’re on the right track, if your work is good enough, how something might be received by your audience and how it compares to your competitors… 
Having someone to turn to that can give you honest feedback will help you to overcome these feelings. Sometimes this could be as simple as getting someone to say ‘this is great’ or ‘you could just make a few small changes to XYZ to make this even better’. Feedback from others will help to boost your confidence in what you are offering. So rather than hear our own voices swirl around that something is crap or never going to be good enough we instead reframe these thoughts. 

“Business is 80% mindset, 20% skill” —Tony Robbin

How to work on your mindset

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are stopping us from reaching our full potential and tune in to the emotions that surround them
  • Reframe negative thoughts as they present
  • Work on developing a growth mindset – “a continuous belief that improvement is possible and that failures are opportunities to learn” –
  • Take note of wins that you experience daily, even acknowledging the positive things in our life that may seem small
  • Find support through a community, business coach or mentor to give your feedback and guidance in your business

Building confidence, belief in ourselves, and healing our limiting beliefs all require one thing: 


By taking the steps, however small, we start to get the evidence to prove our beliefs wrong. We gather evidence for what we are capable of, evidence to help us find our way back to our true self. 

December is the perfect time of year to work on our mindset. As we take some time away from our businesses over the holiday period I’d love to encourage you to make this work a priority so that you can step into the new year with a fresh and positive outlook. Our new mindset masterclass is now live for our members and we will be further diving into this topic over the coming month. If you are keen to find out more about becoming a member in the new year our waitlist is now live here

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