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Wild Thing Co. eCommerce

Launching & growing wildly successful eCommerce businesses. That’s what we’re all about at Wild Thing Co.

So that you can have the freedom and flexibility to to live your dream life!

Because life’s too short not to.

How do we do that? With a suite for free content and guides as well as paid course and coaching programs! 

Free 1:1 Strategy Session
We’re offering a free 15min strategy session and consult (normally starting at $199 USD for 30 minute sessions) for anything you’d like to workshop around eCommerce and digital marketing for your business. Conducted via video chat. Things we can discuss: – How to grow your business – eCommerce Strategy – Website creation and optimization – Marketing strategy – Sales Strategies – Data & Reporting – Metrics to focus on in your business – and more! Email [email protected] with the subject line “Golden Brands Strategy” to claim your free session and book in a time!