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A Golden Success Business Event ~ Hawke’s Bay

An evening well spent! Such a fun night meeting the most incredible group of small business owners across the Hawke’s Bay region!

A Golden Success | Hawke’s Bay

Such a fun night meeting the most incredible group of small business owners across the Hawke’s Bay region!

While there were a few challenges on this trip like lost baggage, a delayed flight, last minute change of guest speaker and the many dramas of getting 5 big boxes couriered to Auckland… it was absolutely all worth it.

I’m so excited to continue to host more networking events across New Zealand over the coming months. Networking is everything as a small business owner and something we all need to be doing more of.

Here’s to many more events to come, let’s make this a regular thing!

Photos by the talented
Flowers: @botanical.lane
Goodie Bags: @selabrations_

A huge thank you to the businesses who made this possible:
@stgeorgesrestaurantnz | @journey_to_wellness_ | @halflightstudio | @swiftwines + our many goodie bag contributors which I’ll share more on soon X

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