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Shan Fitzgerald | Wild Spark

I’m not the kind of copywriter you take home to meet ya mum*. (*Unless your mum likes the F-word and day drinking.)

G’day, I’m Shan. Ex-English teacher. Copywriter. Craft beer enthusiast. Collector of tattoos + sneakers + questionable life choices.

What I do: Create wildly imaginative and functional AF brand personality & messaging strategy guides that also teach small brands how to communicate confidently and effortlessly with their audience.

How I do it: By explicitly guiding you through my signature process of developing your brand personality and finding your voice. (Spoiler: It’s actually a lotta’ fun.)

Why I do it: Simple – because I believe that language should never(ever-ever) be a barrier to success. Period.

I may also: Empower you to unapologetically flaunt your personality with pride, take risks with language, disrupt the messaging status quo, follow your curiosity, make bank, and give *normal* the middle finger.

What I definitely don’t do: Leave you with piles of files (#I’mAPoet) that look slick but mean sweet f*ckery because you don’t know what to, like, *do* with them once we’re finished jamming together.

What’s Your Brand Spark?
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