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Brieana Thompson

Whilst I love serving wellbeing strategies to the masses, I have also grown a deep love for one-to-one coaching and supporting individuals to reach personal fulfilment. The coming together of these two passions is what makes my approach to improving culture and creating change different.

My holistic and empathetic approach to wellness, coupled with my background in psychology, means I have a deeply grounded philosophy in human-centered practice. I believe in utilising a holistic model where individuals can relate and connect to what feels true for them. As an experienced workplace wellbeing specialist I understand that the concept of wellbeing – and the strategies best suited to improve it – are unique to every individual. I’ve supported companies across diverse sectors like telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, marketing, and tourism, deepening my skillset and understanding of workforces differing needs.

When it comes to educating an audience on wellbeing topics I have experience speaking at conferences, hosting panel discussions, presenting workshops, and facilitating training sessions. I have a deep affinity for uniting wellbeing champion communities and driving change through training, coaching and tailored wellbeing programmes.

Whether you would like to work together in a one-to-one capacity, or in your workplace. I would love to hear from you.