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  • Bring your brand story to life with warm, authentic imagery. Specialising in personal branding, lifestyle and interiors photography, I’d love to connect with you to chat about your brand and how we can tell your story through photos!

  • Brand Lead, Creative + Copywriter with a knack for the fun and relatable, not to mention a cheeky 10+ years’ experience in connecting brands with their audiences. A words-fiend with a love for bold brands, based in New Zealand, servicing brands around the world. Previous clients include Tourism New Zealand, ANZ, Girls Get Off, and Diem. Contributor for OH Baby magazine, OUR Place magazine, Kiwi Trail Runner, Diem, and Counter Journal.

  • Little Bird creates branding, print, digital, and web design to help New Zealand business owners tell their story and build a strong, recognisable brand.

  • Jo ChunYan is an intentional brand design studio for conscious brands. Think: brand identities that align with your higher purpose, intuitive yet functional web designs and have-to-get-my-hands-on-it packaging.

  • We brand, design and create.


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