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Business Coaching

Elevate your brand and business through 1:1 Business Coaching with Lisa.

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1:1 Coaching for
Service-based Small Businesses

Define your business vision, strategy and plans with the help of our 1:1 Business Coaching Service.

This service is perfect for you if you’re committed to taking action and your business – whether you’re just starting out, or a few years in, you’ll walk away with an action plan and direction.

Work with Lisa 1:1 to get real time feedback, insights and advice to help you confidently move forward in business. 


Coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to your business needs and best suited to online service-based small business owners seeking clarification, direction and momentum to grow to the next stage of business. 


Aspects of business we can cover together in a 1:1 Session include:

Business Planning

Branding Strategy

Digital Marketing


Steamlined Operations

1:1 Session includeS:


$350+ GST ($275+ GST member price)

Priced in NZD

Business Intensive


Our Business Intensive will be an in-person day of brainstorming, auditing, planning and strategising for your business success. Lisa will review where you are at in your business right now and identify any obstacles that are in your way, focusing on our five key pillars for business success – business foundations, mindset, marketing, money and operations.

This is an exclusive opportunity to work 1:1 and in-person with Lisa to get real time feedback, insights and advice to help you confidently move forward in business. Whether you are launching a new business, struggling to get momentum or looking for expert advice for your brand direction, operations, pricing, marketing plan or more,  this day will be completely customised to you and your unique business needs.

1:1 Session include:


$1990+ GST


Hi, I'm Lisa, the founder of Golden Brands

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 when I decided to ditch my corporate career in Human Resources to start a Wedding Planning & Styling Business – despite nearly everyone telling me it was a bad idea! Since 2012 I have started and grown 4 different businesses including Golden Brands. With every business I’ve worked incredible hard to achieve success and along the way I have ticked off many goals I never thought would be possible for me including working with amazing clients and on dream projects.


It hasn’t all been smooth sailing and I’ve certainly had my fair share of challenges and obstacles. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

The most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I have been where you are:

→  Experiencing imposter syndrome
→  Constantly doubting myself
→  Lacking in confidence
→  Struggling to find a balance between my business and family

And feeling as though I’m adrift – without a community to support and guide me or a team to keep me accountable. Navigating my way through these feelings and experiences over the course of launching, growing and even selling businesses, is what gave me the drive to launch Golden Brands.

Everything I’ve done so far has led me here – creating for you the platform I wish I’d had access to when I started my businesses. A space to learn, grow, connect and feel empowered.

I believe in your ability to succeed in your businesses and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing all I have learned to help you as you build a business defined by your own authentic version of success.

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Frequently asked

We’re currently not offering ongoing coaching. Lisa will however be hosting regular Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions within the Golden Brands Collective Membership.

If you are unsure if the 1:1 Coaching services are right for you let’s have a quick chat about your business.  Contact Lisa at [email protected]

Lisa has owned four different business in Wedding Styling & Planning, Stock Images, Social Media Marketing and of course Golden Brands – a membership community for small business owners.