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Creating a Lead Magnet Masterclass (+ Ebook Included!)

$30.98 incl. GST

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Lead Magnet Masterclass gives you instant access to our done-for-you template and step by step training to get you confidently set up with your lead magnet to start growing that email list (leading to WAY more sales for your business). 


The lead magnet training will give you clarity to work out what lead magnet is going to be best for your business so you can get it set up and launched in a matter of days (your going to love the results you get from this!).

This four part masterclass covers: 

  • Part One: Types of Lead Magnets
  • Part Two: Step-by-Step Guide to creating a Lead Magnet
  • Part Three: Promoting your Lead Magnet
  • Part Four: Creating an Email Sequence for your Lead Magnet

Includes all resources mentioned throughout this Masterclass: 

  • Canva Ebook Template (valued at $14)
  • Welcome Email Sequence Templates
  • 7-day Lead Magnet Promotion Checklist

This four-part masterclass is approximately 70 minutes long.