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Promote The Golden Brands Collective & start earning today.

Our affiliate partners get up to 50% on every successful sale.

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Potential commission

you can earn up to 50% for those that join us

Commission rates doubled for October!


50% commission
on the first months membership fee



15% commission
off the annual membership fee

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Both are one off payments made when members join through your unique affiliate link.

Next Steps to join the affiliate program

Step 1

Complete the form to register your interest

Step 2

Once accepted you will receive an email with a link to check out your affiliate dashboard

Step 3

Through the affiliate dashboard you can create your own referral link to share with your audience.

Step 4

Success Kit - to make it easy for you to generate commission and share Golden Brands with your audience we have created a variety of branded graphics you can download.

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Frequently asked

At this stage our affiliate program will only be open to our members and contributors.

Not at all. If you have loved being a part of Golden Brands then we know there’s a good chance you have others in your network that would love it too.

Yes it is important to be transparent with your audience that you are an affiliate. Any posts shared across Social Media will need to clearly indicate that you are an affiliate partner. 

Once you have created your unique affiliate link, we recommend that you promote it on your social media platforms, website etc. (the more places the better). If you need assistance for putting together a piece of content that will be relevant to your audience please feel free to get in touch. 

Our target market are online small business owners looking to create more success in their business through the support of a like-minded community and educational content. Our members are small business owners and creators like: business and life coaches, marketing professionals, copywriters, social media managers, ecommerce shops, graphic designers, interior designers, wedding industry professionals + more! While our membership is open worldwide our members are at present based across New Zealand and Australia.

Nope! You can refer as many members as you like to Golden Brands, there is no limit on how much you can earn.

Commission is paid out at the end of every month to your nominated bank account. Commissions will be paid out in a monthly lump sum.

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