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In order to step into the shoes of an Empowered Entrepreneur you need to scale your skills and strategy.

From your results, I know you’re passionate about what you do and value the quality of what you offer. While there are some parts of your business you feel you’re nailing others are becoming a little more overwhelming and difficult to approach.

You’re eager and ready to enhance your skills, create a solid strategy and confidently approach your business with a plan to scale! With the steps below you will be on your path to creating more growth in your business.


Golden Brands quotations

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

– Pele

Ready to create growth and scale your business?!

I know you are!

Imagine this, in one year from today you have scaled your business to reach your goals and you’ve created the dream vision you have for not only your life but for your business. You have a solid strategy in place, each month goes by with ease, your work flows naturally and you have the skills you need to approach each part of your business with knowledge and confidence.

Your business systems and operations are in place, your strategy is implemented and you can spend more time working on the parts of your business that you love.

You have successfully scaled and grown to a place in business that you feel excited about. The foundations are set and your future is looking so bright!

This can 100% be your reality. Strategy and working on your skill set is going to be key for reaching success but you know you have what it takes to get there and I know that too!

Let’s jump into your 3 step action plan to work towards this visualisation for your business.

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Ready to step into the shoes of an empowered entrepreneur to create success in your business?

Here is your three step plan:

STEP 1 - Identify your competencies

This first step requires you to dive deep into your skills and competencies as a business owner. This is an important task, your skills are a key component for starting, running and scaling a successful business.

Let’s start by identifying your skill set.

Here’s a list of the key business skills that people possess in the workplace (from

  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Financial management skills


I’m sure you’re reading this list and a few things stand out to you already that you know you’re skilled in. There are always tasks that come more naturally to us as small business owners than others. For me it is things like time management, problem-solving and marketing skills.

Using the above categories, I want you to jot down a few specific skills that you know you possess. These are the areas of your business that you approach with confidence.

Next I’d like you to write down a few specific skills next to the above categories that you either struggle with in your business or that you have little interest in doing.

For me this is anything to do with financial management!
We will further explore how you can either delegate/outsource or upskill in these areas through the next two steps.

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STEP 2 - Delegate/ Outsource

Every business will get to a point that the owner can no longer do everything themselves and nor should they!

Now that you have a better understanding of the skills you possess and the areas you struggle with you have a starting point for looking at what to outsource or delegate.

This is going to be a pivotal part in your business and if you’re yet to outsource anything I can tell you it will feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. From experience I know there is no perfect time to outsource or hire staff/contractors to delegate work to.

Often you will need to take a big leap of faith and trust in the process.

The tasks you enjoy and that you’re naturally more drawn to in your business should remain part of your role. While it would be nice to outsource and delegate absolutely everything else, this might not be possible just yet financially and instead we need to look at how you can upskill to give yourself more confidence to approach each part of your role with ease.

Golden Brands quotations

“If you’re still the only person in your business, embrace it. Use it as a way to stretch yourself to grow. It will help you to blossom into an incredible entrepreneur”

– Carrie Green

STEP 3 - Upskill!

To effectively scale your skills in your business you need to be committed to upskilling.

What do I mean when I say upskilling? Upskilling refers to investing in honing your businesses existing skills to fill current and future needs.

The areas you have identified in step 1 that you’re not naturally drawn to or that you don’t enjoy in your business are the areas you can look at upskilling in.

Growing your skillset in areas you don’t overly enjoy or that you’re not naturally drawn to, will change the way you approach each task. In my business right now there are so many things I’ve had to learn to do myself to help reduce my expenses. While it’s challenging at first and I feel like my head is going to explode from cramming in so much training in such a short period of time I’m also so grateful now that I’ve expanded my skill set.

For example, I now know how to edit all my own video content, which is an absolute game changer in my business. After reaching out to several video editors and considering outsourcing all of this, which would have cost me thousands, I can now quickly edit all my own video content. I have a process to follow and through practice I can turnaround the video editing so quickly, plus it’s a bonus that I no longer dread doing it.

Here’s a few key ways you can look at scaling your skills to meet the needs of your business:

  • Leverage online courses
  • Get professionally educated and qualified
  • Incorporate business books and podcasts into your daily routine
  • Find online training to follow through platforms like YouTube. You can basically learn anything through YouTube!
  • We couldn’t not mention our Golden Brands membership to get access to our tutorials and templates (more information is included at the bottom of this page).

Hi, I’m Lisa

The writer behind your quiz results! 

I have been where you are – experiencing imposter syndrome, constant doubt, lack of confidence, struggling through trying to juggle a family and work balance, and I felt that I had no real community or support to guide me in business & keep me accountable. 

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 when I decided to ditch my corporate career in Human Resources to start a Wedding Planning & Styling Business, despite nearly everyone telling me it was a bad idea!

I have started and grown 4 different businesses including this one. I’ve worked incredibly hard to reach success in my businesses and have ticked off many goals I never thought would be possible for me. I’ve earned 6 figures in my first year of business operation, I’ve worked with amazing clients and on dream projects BUT it hasn’t all been smooth sailing and I’ve certainly had my fair share of challenges and obstacles.

I believe everyone has the ability to succeed in their businesses and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing all I have learned to help others reach their own authentic version of success.

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